Lessons are weekly Fees are charged in ten week blocks.
30 mins $385
45 mins
60 mins $770

Please see terms & conditions for information on cancellation policy

Students are required to purchase their own music and theory books to bring to the lesson, and take home again to study. For convenience these can be bought from the studio stock with no markup.


Included in Lessons

  • Annual notebook
  • Music purchasing service
  • Free concerts to participate in every term
  • Access to online resources and recordings

Concerts and Performance Experience*

Studio Concerts

Every student is offered free participation in all small Studio Concerts at the end of school term 1,2 and 3, plus extra exam preparation performances. These concerts have a maximum of 16 people (8 students and one adult each) per sitting, to be an intimate friendly opportunity to hone performance skills, address nervous anxiety, and test out pieces for exams, competitions and bigger concerts.

End Of Year Concert

At the end of term 4, we hold a large End Of Year Concert in the city with after party, at no charge to students. Audiences number one to two hundred and offer a significant performance opportunity on a concert grand piano.

Visit our Youtube channel for recordings of previous years.

School Concerts

Most school children will be attending their school’s concert / performance evening / showcase etc. Where your child is receiving lessons in the school environment, they may be given the opportunity or be expected to perform. The studio will fully support its students in these ventures.

Eisteddfods and Online Competitions

This studio has produced prize winning students, and helping pianists strive for excellence and personal achievement is a major objective.

Students are encouraged to participate in competitive performance only where it suits their personal goals, fits with their developement, when they show committment and application to preparation, and can approach the opportunity with a balanced perspective.

Events should be fun but challenging, informative, and offer personal growth.

* Performing opportunity is highly recommended but not compulsary for non exam students. If you or your child suffer from significant anxiety and simply can not manage this even with close support, that is OK, just come and watch and get inspiration from the advanced players.