1. Any student may have a parent present during lessons if they wish. For younger students this is recommended.
    2. DO NOT ATTEND when sick. Sick students may be turned away at your cost. See point 6 for cancellation.


    1. A ‘term’ is a block of 10 lessons regardless of the start and finish date and is not related to school terms.
    2. Fees for 2024 will be $385 per 10 lessons. (South Australian rate for private studio lessons is currently set at $40.00 per lesson.)
    3. Lessons must be paid for in 10 week terms in advance. Split payments are not accepted. An invoice will be emailed prior to the first lesson and must be paid within two weeks of the block commencement. Non payment will result in a suspension of lessons. Continuing non payment may result in the involvement of a debt collection agency and passing on of the expenses incurred in the recovery process.
    4. Notice must be given for cancellation of a lesson, or the lesson will be charged for.- An SMS must be received by 7.30am for in-school lessons
      (more notice would be appreciated) – you must contact me directly, the
      school will not inform me of illness or excursions
      – After school lessons must inform of a sickness cancellation before 3.30pm.A cancelled lesson with appropriate notice is does not incur loss of paid time. Makeups are not generally available due to my full schedule, instead the lesson is pushed forward a week, extending the number weeks taken to complete 10 lessons, making the next invoice a week later than it would have been.
    5. No refund of unused lessons within a term will be given if lessons are terminated.
    6. School site students are responsible for coming to me. Students must be equipped with an alarm device and not rely on memory alone. Forgotten lessons will be billed.

    School Holidays

    1. Lessons held at schools will be suspended during holiday periods due to the unavailability of the venue. During this period lessons can be arranged to be held at the Redwood Park Studio on request.For students in positions at the Redwood Park Studio, lessons will continue but can be suspended for holidays if notice is given before the start of the holidays.

    Examinations and Concerts

    1. Participation in exams is entirely optional. Students may only enter with the authority of the teacher. Entry without agreement will result in termination of lessons.
    2. Studio Concerts are held at the end of every term, and extras scheduled for exam preparation. These are held to benefit student’s study and confidence, provide goals, and share progress with family.- For leisure students they are highly recommended
      – For exam students they are compulsory 2 terms before an exam. If you
      choose to miss lead up concerts, you are choosing to miss the exam session.
      – You must attend at least 1 studio concert to be able to participate in the
      End of Year Concert.